HRTrust is the new face of the Hillsborough County Civil Service Board, historically, one of the largest public sector human resources organizations in Florida.  We have adapted to evolving public sector HR needs, and we are now able to provide our services to other public sector agencies, providing them with a high level of experience and expertise they may not have been able to access before.

HRTrust has more than 30 years of experience helping public sector HR managers in Florida deliver results that meet or exceed expectations, while being careful stewards of taxpayer money.  We are a full-service human resources organization that provides specific HR services tailored to match your agency’s unique needs.

We have the skills and experience to be your expert partner in:

  • HR outsourcing
  • Executive recruitment and screening
  • General recruitment and screening
  • Background checks
  • Job classification
  • Compensation or pay equity analyses
  • Personnel records administration
  • HR policy consulting
  • Employee relations consulting
  • Florida Public Record Training/Consulting
  • Core employee soft skills training
  • Discipline appeal hearings and/or grievance resolution/mediation/arbitration


We believe you will find the pricing for our services to be very competitive. Let’s discuss your specific needs and how HRTrust might be able to help.

Supervisor training