Location, Location, Location

By November 15, 2016News

As a recruiter, we have our pitch, talking points, the why you should work for us speech.  When recruiting for certain positions, you may have to lure those dream candidates to relocate to your city.

Living in Tampa, I can start to tick off all the great things about taking a high level job here or why your family will enjoy its proximity to the beach. Candidates coming from bigger cities may ask about transportation here in Tampa.  I encourage you to learn about all the modes of transportation available here so that you can talk intelligently to your future hires. One new addition to the spectrum of transportation is the #crossbayferry and although it may be in its infancy stage, it can serve as a new talking point to candidates.

HRTrust specializes in executive recruiting and targeting qualified candidates who live in other parts of the country.  If you need assistance in your high level recruiting or recruiting out of state candidates, contact HRTrust.